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Company Profile:


Eighty-two years of continuous growth has made Grace, Kennedy one of the largest and most dynamic corporate entities in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The company which began its life as a small trading establishment on February 14, 1922, has expanded and diversified over the years. Today it comprises a formidable network of some 45 subsidiaries and associated companies, employing approximately 2000 people and operating in the areas of shipping, distribution, finance, information technology, food manufacturing and tourism.

A keen awareness of the changing demands of the market place continues to shape the Company's development. Historically one of the Group's core activities has centred on food distribution of products manufactured in its three Jamaica-based factories as well as those manufactured, to its specifications in other countries. The company's insistence on the high quality of the products it distributes has made it the leading food distribution and a household name in Jamaica.

The company has been involved in a process of dynamic change since 1996 when it articulated its basic policies in a programme which it called "2020 Vision." The Vision described the Grace, Kennedy of the future among other things, as comprising strong viable business units, giving value to its customers, continuously increasing productivity, ethical in its business conduct, responsible members of its community and truly international.

This vision has led to an ongoing process of adaptation and change to meet a rapidly changing local and international environment.

The Company today comprises five Divisions - Retail & Trading, Financial Services, Food Trading, Maritime Information Services. Within these Divisions, change continues to be a constant with divestment of unprofitable entities balanced by the strategic acquisitions and mergers.

Despite this reality, Grace, Kennedy continues to show increasing profitability, the result of the efforts of a highly motivated and competitive staff.

While Food Trading continues to be dominant, its pre-eminent position is being increasingly challenged by Divisions such as Financial Services and Information Services.

A relaunch of the Grace brand in 1998 signalled the beginning of the thrust - to vastly expand its overseas sales; its goal to become the premier supplier of traditional Caribbean foods to ethnic and other markets. This thrust is defined by one of the Company's slogans "Satisfying the unmet needs of Caribbean people wherever we live in the world." This goal is being relentlessly pursued and early successes suggest that the policy should reap handsome dividends in the future.

Operating on the principle that the success of the company is inextricably linked to that of the society in which it operates, Grace, Kennedy has contributed generously to various areas of national development through the years. In addition to providing financial assistance to a host of worthy causes Grace, Kennedy has institutionalised its programme of support by establishing a number of Foundations. These include the Grade, Kennedy Foundation, which focuses on giving assistance in the area of education, the Luis Fred Kennedy Environmental Foundation which concentrates on programmes for the protection of the environment, and the Staff Foundations which offers assistance to inner city communities.

Most noteworthy are the Homework centres organised and run by the Grace & Staff Foundation. At these centres, youngsters may study in an environment conducive to learning. They are assisted by voluntary teachers drawn from Grace, Kennedy's staff as well as from the wider society. The centres have become modes for other groups wishing to offer assistance in inner-city communities.

In its 82 years of existence, Grace, Kennedy has weathered many social, political and economic storms, emerging each time a stronger and more resilient organisation. Current trends strongly suggest that the company will continue to meet the challenges of the current international environment where the process of globalization fundamentally affects the way business develops - moreso in a small developing country such as Jamaica.

Website: http://www.gracefoods.com